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Presentation Guidelines

Technical guidelines of presentation at 5th ICENIS 2020 (New !!!)

The schedule of presentation and the program are now available and can be downloaded via this link.

  1. Book of program (download)
  2. Book of Abstract (Download)

For presentation please use the following virtual background:

  1. Keynote Speaker (Day 1, day 2)
  2. Moderator
  3. Presenter
  4. Host/Committee

To recognise your presence, please change your Zoom ID to: PresentationID_Name

Example: EN.5.009.Pratiwi

Logo ICENIS (download)


Oral presentations must be prepared and exposed in English. Presenters should be sufficiently fluent in English to run presentation and discussion on high academic standards.


Only electronic files will be accepted for oral presentations. If the authors could not present their slides, the they will be asked to send the presentation in MPEG file and will be streamed during their session.


All presentation videos will be accessible to registered participants in the duration of the conference: from August 12th, – August 13th. Answers to comments will be expected until  August 13th, 2020. 

No show policy

If the video or ppt presentation is not submitted or the comments from participants have not been properly addressed in the online virtual conference system by the presenting author, the submission is automatically cancelled and the corresponding paper will be removed from the proceedings. 

Other information

The conference organizers do not provide the templates for preparing the presentations. The authors are free to use their own templates and are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order, the loading, graphics…etc.).