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Prof. Dr. Lee Lam Hong
Quest International University Malaysia (Industry 5.0 : The Enabler of a Sustainable Era)

Prof. Henk Heijnis
former FNCA climate project leader and adjunct professor at UNDIP (Lessons from the past: Using geological archives for sustainable environmental planning and the impact of rapid climate change on fragile ecosystems)

Prof. Alfonso J. Rodriquez-Morales
Institucion Universitaria vision de las Americas, Colombia
(One health and COVID-19: The importance of animal and environmental health links with pandemic and epidemic threats)

Dr. A.T.P.G. van Engelenhoven

University Lecturer Southeast Asian Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden Institute for Area Studies SAS Indonesie (Archiving Traditional Knowledge after the COVID Pandemic in Nusantara the case of Makuva, a moribund language of Timor-Leste)

Dr. Remco van Merm
IUCN, Switzerland

Dr MV Venkatashamy Reddy
Institute of Research Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Canada (Recent advances Materials for Energy & Environment and Sustainability)

Prof. Dr. Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati, M.App.Sc
School of Postgraduate Studies, Undip, Indonesia (Toward Water Security and Climate Resilence in Indonesia)