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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting every part of human lives. The activities to control the spread of the virus and the slowdown of economic activities have significant effects on the environment. The pandemic situation had significantly improved the air quality, reducing GHGs emissions, reduce pollution, and tourism destination which may help the ecosystem recovery. However, there are also negative consequences of COVID-19, such as increasing in medical waste, disposal of masks, gloves, disinfectants, and untreated waste that may endangering the environment.

The 6th ICENIS brings the theme “The Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Water, Environment, Energy, Information System and Strategies for their Adaptation and Mitigation”. Due to the situation, our top priority is safety, health, and security for all the participants, the committee has a plan for the virtual conference that will be held on August 4th – 5th, 2021.

The International Conference on Energy, Environment, Epidemiology and Information System (ICENIS) is an annual conference organized by the School of Postgraduate Studies Universitas Diponegoro University, one of the leading universities in Indonesia. This conference has been succeeded since the first ICENIS 2016 and therefore becoming an annual event. All accepted articles of the 1st – 5th ICENIS have been published in Advanced Science Letters Vol 23 Number 3 March 2017 pp 2197-2635, E3S Web of Conferences Vol 31 (2018) E3S Web of Conferences Vol 73 (2018), E3S Web of Conferences Vol 125 (2019),  and E3S Web of Conferences Vol 202 (2020), respectively.

  1. The 1st ICENIS 2016 was published in Advanced Science Letters vol 23 (2017)
  2. The 2nd ICENIS 2017 was published in E3S Web of Conference Vol 31 (2018)
  3. The 3rd ICENIS 2018 was published in E3S Web of Conference  Vol 73 (2018)
  4. The 4th ICENIS 2019 was published in E3S Web of Conference Vol 125 (2019)
  5. The 5th ICENIS 2020 was published in E3S Web of Conferences Vol 202 (2020)

In this 6th ICENIS 2021, selected papers will be published in E3S Web of Conference (Scopus Index, SJR 0.17).


To create an international forum for the researchers, students, industries and governments to communicate their results on the fundamentals and application of energy, environment, epidemiology and information systems.

To share and exchange ideas, thoughts and discussions on all aspects of energy, environment, epidemiology and information systems.

To facilitate the formation of networks among participants to enhance the quality and benefits of research and development


The 6th ICENIS 2020 is annual conference organized by School of Postgraduate Studies Diponegoro University, one of the leading universities in Indonesia.

6th ICENIS 2021 Keynote Speakers

The Keynote speakers of this conference are invited from several countries. 


6th ICENIS 2020 will discuss 5 topics namely Energy, Environment, Epidemiology, Information Systems, and Culture & Environmental Development in Coastal Community.

6th ICENIS 2021 FEES

Participation in the 6th ICENIS 2021 is subject to several terms and conditions.


The Impacts Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Water, Environment, Energy, Information System And Strategies For Their Adaptation And Mitigation



Abstract Sub. Deadline : April 30th, 2021
Postpone date of full paper submission : June 14th 2021 for better quality of paper
Acceptance Notification : July 18th, 2021
Registration Payment : Before June 25th, 2021
Final Revision Manuscript : August 15th, 2021
Conference Day : August 4-5th, 2021


  1. Prof. drh. Wiku Adisasmita, M.Sc., Ph.D., Indonesian Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19 (A Global Perspective of Learning from Covid-19 Pandemic in Present and Future”
  2. Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, S.P., M.Si., IPB University, Indonesia (Fisheries)
  3. Ir. Laksmi Dhewantthi, MA, The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (The Impact and Lesson Learnt of Covid-19 Pandemic to the First NDC Indonesia)
  4. Dr. Budi Warsito, School of Postgraduate Studies, Universitas Diponegoro (Machine Learning Algorithm for Modeling Confirmed Cases of Covid-19)


  1. Prof. Dr. Peter Gell, Federation University, Australia (Comparing Catastrophes: The Influence of Impacts and Timelines on Prioritising Crises).
  2. Prof. Dr. Magaly Koch, Boston University, United States (Observing Water Resources from Space: From Flood Monitoring to Groundwater Assessment).
  3. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Md Yusoff, University Putra Malaysia (Impacts of Covid-19 on the Aquatic Environment and Potential Implications on Aquaculture and Fisheries Industries).
  4. Prof. Dr. Robert Peacock, University of the Free State South Africa (Crime and Victimisation in The Era of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).
  5. Dr. Seetharaman Vaidyanathan, The University of Sheffield, UK (Towards a Sustainable Nexus between Water, Energy and Environment using Microalgal Cultivations).
  6. Prof. Dr. Ir. Elco van Burg, School of Business and Economics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, (Innovation Under Pressure: E-Health as a Response to the COVID-19 Crisis).


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